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Why Should I Choose Fluoride Treatment? | Valencia CA

Over eighty years ago, dentists discovered fluoride as an efficient treatment for reducing cavities in both children and adults.  Fluoride treatment is a common dental practice and over time has proven the value of receiving regular treatment.  Children especially benefit from regular dental exams and cleanings where a fluoride toothpaste and rinse is used since they often have a harder time properly caring for their teeth.  To best understand the benefit of fluoride treatment, it is essential to understand how it works.

How Fluoride Treatment Works

Fluoride works by making up for lost minerals on the surfaces of your child’s teeth. It also helps inhibit the thriving of harmful bacteria by depriving them of a breeding ground, hence further preventing cavities.

The treatment may not restore the structure of a decay-damaged tooth but it can prevent the decay from causing further damage. The earlier you introduce your child to fluoride treatments, the more unlikely they are to develop cavities. A recent study shows that fluoride treatments reduce the likelihood of developing cavities by 43% if used for just one year.

Regular visits to the dentist will ensure your child receives professional fluoride care to help protect their teeth and encourage healthy dental practices.

Schedule Your Visit

By scheduling a routine exam and cleaning with your pediatric dentist in Valencia, CA, you can ask about fluoride treatment and its benefits.  Your dentist can explain why many choose to use fluoride as part of their regular cleanings and best practices when using fluoride toothpaste at home.