nerve damage

How long does nerve damage take to heal?

The amount of time your child’s tooth will require to recover from nerve damage depends on the procedure used to treat it. Note that an infected nerve can never heal on its own.

The pain and discomfort may go away but the damage will stay on and gradually eat up the remaining part of the nerve before spreading to the bone beneath. The pain is thus the sign of a ticking time bomb and is the best way to tell your child has a dead tooth.

Different treatments command varying treatment periods and that, of course, is if your child shuns factors that might compromise the recovery process such as subjecting the treated tooth to too much bite pressure.

If the tooth was extracted, it can take between seven and ten days before the wound heals. It is important to ensure your child doesn’t chew on hard or crunchy foods within a week of extraction to keep the clot intact in the socket.

Extractions are not a recommendable way of dealing with a damaged pulp unless the tooth structure is too much damaged as well such that a root canal wouldn’t work.

Root canals may take longer or shorter than extractions to heal depending on a number of factors. The dentist’s skill is one of them.

Experienced dentists are less likely to make mistakes that would necessitate correctional appointments, such as leaving pulp debris inside the tooth or failing to fill and seal the tooth correctly.

The position of the treated tooth may also determine how long it will take before you recover fully. Posterior teeth, i.e. molars will take longer due to the greater bite pressure they endure.

Our dentist may be able to tell you how long your treated tooth will take to heal. Reach us today through telephone or email to schedule a root canal appointment for your child.