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Is Nitrous Oxide Safe for Your Child? |Valencia CA

Often children are nervous when visiting the dentist for a procedure.  At All Kids Dental, we understand the importance of your child having a calm and safe experience during every visit.  One solution to help children keep relaxed during a procedure such as a filling is with nitrous oxide.

Nitrous Oxide is a very safe sedative that will calm nervous children, while still allowing them to be awake and able to talk with the dentist. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a very safe sedative that allows a mildly nervous child to become calm but still awake and able to talk to the dentist. A mask is placed over the child’s face and as they breathe through their nose, the child relaxes. The effects wear off very quickly when the gas is turned off.

Parents or guardians often choose nitrous oxide for procedures that may make their children especially nervous or if their child has high anxiety about visiting the dentist. If you would like to know more about using nitrous oxide for your child’s visit please contact our office or ask during your child’s next routine visit.  We are happy to answer any questions.