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Children often need to be as comfortable as possible when visiting the dental office and during their procedure. Fortunately, it is now possible to treat cavities without drilling. At All Kids Dentistry, we offer the Solea Dental Laser procedure for the treatment of cavities. The dental procedure is pain-free and patients can return to their daily activities once the procedure is done.

Treatment of Cavities with Laser

With a laser, we use light, air, and water to treat cavities instead of the usual drills and needles. Using a laser is more effective and precise. It doesn’t open your child to inflammation compared to dental tools. It can also be used to treat other dental problems apart from cavities, such as gum diseases, gum reshaping, root canals, biopsies, and the removal of benign tumors.

Why Solea Dental Laser?

The fear of getting injected or drilled is eliminated and defeated. You won’t have to take anesthesia for fillings and routine dental procedures. With this, you will receive faster treatment, which makes you spend less time in our clinic.¬†

What most people do after a dental procedure or treatment is sit back for days without doing anything to heal and get rid of the pain before returning to the day-to-day activities. Still, with Solea Dental Laser treatment, you will return to your daily activities immediately because it will leave you with no pain, no trauma, and no numb sensation.

The Solea Dental Laser Procedure 

Our professionals will use safety glasses designed for this purpose to carry out this swift treatment. From patient remarks, you will feel this cold sensation occasionally since you will be aware of everything going on around you at every point in time. From the commencement of the treatment till the end, our team will be there to enlighten you of everything, and this will leave you with no surprises.

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