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3 Reasons to Choose Pediatric Sedation Dentistry | Valencia CA

A positive experience will help your child feel confident when visiting a dentist. However, some children may be unable to due to fear, anxiety or make uncontrolled movements that could cause injury. Though there are many tips to help prepare your child and comfort them during their dental visit, sometimes pediatric sedation dentistry is necessary to help provide a comfortable dental experience.  Your pediatric dentist in Valencia, CA can help you understand the options and benefits of sedation dentistry during your child’s visit.

Why Choose Pediatric Sedation Dentistry?

Safer Dental Visits.  Some children may be unable, because of fear or inability, to cope with dental treatments, or may make uncontrolled movements that could cause injury to the child.  If your child is calm during their dental visit it ensures their safety during procedures and provides a comfortable atmosphere.

Positive Experience.  Helping your child to be relaxed during their visit gives them an overall positive visit.  They will remember feeling calm and feel confident about visiting the dentist.  They may even be less afraid during their next visit.

More Confidence.  With sedation dentistry, your child may feel more confident about visiting the dentist because they know they have a tool to help them relax and feel less anxious.

Sedation Dentistry Options

There are a few different sedation options available depending on what is necessary to ensure your child’s safety and comfort during their pediatric dental appointment.

  • Nitrous Oxide – is most commonly used for children who are a little nervous and anxious about their procedure without feeling drowsy.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – If a child’s anxiety level cannot be soothed with nitrous oxide, using conscious sedation will cause the child to be drowsy or even to fall asleep. Depending on the treatment required and the child’s ability to cooperate, several different conscious sedation medications are available.
  • General Anesthesia – if the dental treatment is extensive or difficult and the child cannot be calm enough or is unable to understand directions to tolerate the treatment, a general anesthesiologist may be recommended.

To find out if sedation dentistry is best for your child, please contact our pediatric dental office for more information.