What We're Doing and Have Always Been Doing To Ensure The Health & Safety of Our Patients

Dr. Laura and the team at All Kids Dentistry commit to keeping your family safe and healthy while visiting our office for your care. 

Being the experts in infection control, we have always been serious about taking universal precautions with our masks, goggles, hand-washing, surgically clean air purification devices and sterilization of instruments according to OSHA standards. 

In these unprecedented times, we are going to step it up and do even more to ensure safety:

Our Patients & Staff

  • All clinical team members will be wearing disposable gowns, masks and shields to protect themselves and the patients
  • We will be screening patients and their parents who enter the office and taking temperatures with a no contact thermometer
  • We will be limiting families to one adult per family of patients
  • We will be limiting the number of patients in our office and lengthening appointments as well to allow for even more strenuous sterilization and cleaning of the chairs

For Restorative Procedures 

For our restorative procedures, we already have three ways we limit aerosol:

  1. We use the Isolite, or the "squishy" mouthpiece that goes into the mouth to control saliva and spray from the laser or hand-piece. This in itself cuts aerosol from the oral cavity by 90%
  2. The assistant also uses an HVE which is the big white straw that gets another large portion of the leftover aerosol while the doctor is working
  3. We use Solea laser for our dental treatment mostly in place of a hand-piece. The laser emits significantly less aerosol than the traditional high speed hand-piece or “drill” 

To go above and beyond what we the guidelines are, we are going to have an extra-oral vacuum that will sit near the working area of the patient/doctor/assistant which will also get aerosol that is not captured by the assistant’s suction. 

Surgically Clean Air

Our dental office is equipped with Surgically Clean Air purification devices.  Each Surgically Clean Air system is equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, Activated Carbon filters along with UV & Titanium Dioxide sterilization.  The combination of Surgically Clean Air’s filtration and purification effectively captures 99.9% of particulate and aerosols.  This includes microbial organisms such as Bacteria, Fungus and Virus (Viruses such as Influenza  and others)

These filters are similar to those used in N95 Respirator masks and hospital rooms and just like those used in hospital rooms, they clean and refresh the office multiple times per hour. For more information please visit  www.scadental.com