Solea Dental Laser

Solea Dental Laser Dentistry for Kids & Children in Valencia

Did you know that we now have the the ability to treat cavities with a laser!?! That’s right! No shots and no after appointment discomfort.

We are the only dental office in the Santa Clarita Valley with this new laser called Solea. It is the first laser designed specifically for dentistry. Call us with questions! This is big news for our patients!

Benefits of Solea Dental Laser

  • No Shots: The most common fear people have when going to the dentist is the needle. But with the Solea laser, needles are a nuisance of the past. We can do routine dental procedures (fillings, etc.) without injecting anesthesia.

  • Faster Treatment: Usually, it is necessary to wait for your anesthesia to settle in before we could start the procedure. With the Solea laser, Dr. Laura Greenwald can complete high-quality dentistry faster, leaving the patient more time to enjoy the day.

  • Great For Kids: Parents love how much easier children’s dental visits are, thanks to this laser. If your child has to get a filling, this process makes it super easy for them. Plus, you don’t have worry about your child biting cheeks and lips after a dental filling.

  • No Numbing: Tired of feeling numb after a dental treatment? The Solea laser is pain-free and doesn’t leave a numbing sensation. Plus, this laser is non-invasive with little to no healing time. You can get right back to your day without any discomfort.

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What is Solea Dental Laser?

This CO2 dental laser is the first of its kind to be approved by the FDA for hard- and soft-tissue procedures to make your visits faster, painless, and with no healing time – the right direction for dentistry.

What can you expect with the Solea laser?

We will have to wear safety glasses during your procedure. Since you aren’t numb, you’ll feel a sensation. Patients describe feeling something cold for a second every now and then. Our team will walk you through everything from start to finish, so you’re aware of what’s going on without any surprises.

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