Solea Dental Laser

Solea Dental Laser Dentistry for Kids & Children in Valencia

Did you know we have the ability to treat cavities with a laser? No shots and no post-op discomfort!

And we are the only pediatric dental office in the Santa Clarita Valley who utilizes the Solea Laser for minimally invasive dentistry.

What is Solea Dental Laser?

The Solea is an FDA Approved CO2 dental laser that produces a narrow, but intense beam of light that can remove and reshape tissue, bone and enamel.

What can you expect with the Solea laser?

Our team will walk you through the procedure-from start to finish-and explain what you and your child can expect. Next, the doctor will target the area of treatment using a computer to focus the beam. The process is virtually pain-free. Patient’s typically describe feeling a cold sensation (like an ice cream), every couple of seconds through the procedure, though it’s not painful. The process is fast and lasts for a couple minutes.

Benefits of Solea Dental Laser

  • No Needles: The most common fear children have when visiting the dentist is the needle or shot part of the visit. But with the Solea laser, needles are no longer something to fear with treatment. We can do routine dental procedures (fillings, etc.) and some soft tissue procedures (lip releases, etc.) without the need for a single shot. Plus, who likes the feeling of being numb for hours after a dental visit?
  • Faster - Treatment: Since we no longer have to deal with those pesky injections/shots to settle in before beginning the procedure, our doctors can complete high-quality dentistry faster. This not only lessens your child’s time sitting in the dental chair, but also enables your family to take less time off of school and/or enjoy the rest of the day!
  • Great For Kids: Parents love not only how much easier the actual appointment is utilizing the laser, but also the post-op care for parents. Kids leave the chair with less dental anxiety, and parents leave not having to worry about your child biting their lips or cheeks after the visit.
  • No Drilling: Use of the Solea laser enables our doctors to create fillings and other restorations, removing all the parts of the tooth that are diseased or decayed, while preserving as much of the healthy tooth as possible, without the use of a drill. Plus, the laser requires little to no healing time!

Is The Solea Laser safe?

Yes. Although it is a laser, the Solea does not emit radiation. Your child will, however, wear protective eyewear during the procedure.

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