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Benefits of Laser Dental Procedures for Kids

Lasers are fairly new in dentistry, and can be used for a wide range of treatments, from laser gum therapy to laser debridement for teeth whitening. Currently, about 25 percent of dental practices in the US have dental laser treatment for periodontal treatment, as well as a range of soft tissue and hard tissue procedures.

Studies show that laser dentistry offers numerous benefits, including killing bacteria and boosting better dental health. These include:

  • Virtually painless
  • Minimally invasive treatments
  • Minimal side effects with some cases of mild swelling
  • Fast healing and recovery time
  • Facilitates the reduction in pocket depths
  • Prevents infection and the need for additional treatments
  • Time and cost savings

How the Treatment Works

Different laser wavelengths have been shown to be effective in killing harmful bacteria in the mouth living as bacteria colonies concealed in gum tissue. These bacterial colonies are responsible for gum inflammation or gum disease.

Among the different laser-types used in dentistry, the 810 nm diode lasers and the 1064 nm ND: YAG laser are effective in killing bacteria buried 3mm deep in the gums, without causing any adverse effects on the healthy tissue – negligible heating of the surrounding tissue. Minimal thermal injury means that the tissue heals faster.

  • ND:YAG laser energy – superior for deep disinfection and coagulation
  • Er:YAG laser energy – ideal for gentle removal of plaque and tartar from the root surface and the infected surface tissue

A skilled and experienced laser dentist can tweak the power, pulse duration, wavelength, and other laser parameters to maximize the bacteria killing effect, or simply to remove an infection with minimal interference of the tissue, improving recovery times.

Are you a candidate for Laser Therapy in Valencia?

Laser therapy provides a conservative and non-invasive treatment option for different dental problems, including gum disease. Laser therapy eliminates the need for cutting or sutures, which translates to faster healing.

To find out whether your kid is a good candidate for the procedure, please visit your laser dental specialist in Santa Clarita for individual consultation.

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