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Dental Crowns: What to Expect | Valencia CA

Our teeth endure wear and tear from daily living, so it is expected that a tooth may crack or break within your lifetime.  The good news is that at All Kids Dental we offer a quality solution to restore your teeth.  Dental Crowns are an excellent solution to restore a broken or damaged tooth without losing the natural look of your smile.

What to Expect

An advantage of dental crowns is they are built to last for many years and are durable much like a natural tooth.  Most dental crowns will last between five and fifteen years, which is fairly a long period of time considering the service they promise. It all depends on what material they are made of, the position of the tooth they are encasing, and how well you care for them.  Many patients find that their dental crown resembles the look and feel of their natural teeth and find it easy to care for their crown with daily brushing and flossing.

With any dental device, the length of how long the crown last is up to how well you care for it in the long run.  Crowns positioned at the back of the mouth may last the shortest due to the higher bite and chewing pressure. You are advised to refrain from habits such as nail biting and using your teeth to open packages as they can shorten the lifespan of your crown. Also, if you have been diagnosed with bruxism, it would be worthwhile to seek treatment to protect the appliance from wear and tear.

To find if a dental crown is the best option for your child, please contact our office in Valencia CA at 661-349-8636 or submit an appointment request online. We look forward to helping your child achieve a confident and healthy smile!