How long is a crown supposed to last?

Dental crowns are built to last for years, but a definite lifespan cannot be guaranteed due to a number of inevitable factors. It is no different from natural teeth, which are meant to last a lifetime but do not because of decay and other problems.

History shows that dental crowns are supposed to last for five to fifteen years, which is nothing to sneeze at considering they will serve you almost as effectively as your natural teeth. It depends on what they are made of, how they were fixed, their position in the mouth, and the care you provide them.

Dental crowns positioned at the back of the mouth may last the shortest due to the higher bite and chewing pressure. You are advised to refrain from habits such as nail biting and using your teeth to open packages as they can shorten the lifespan of your crown. Also, if you have been diagnosed with bruxism, it would be worthwhile to seek treatment to protect the appliance from wear and tear.

Depending on a number of factors, including the state of the underlying tooth, crowns may be subject to an array of problems. The problems include recession of gums to expose crown margins, chips and fractures, recurrent decay, and periodontal disease. Note that the crown itself may not be subject to decay, but if the underlying tooth is affected, the crown will have to be removed to allow for alternative treatment.

Sometimes it is not the fractures, breakage or some other form of actual damage that may render a crown unserviceable. Aesthetic depreciation, such as the crown gradually losing its tooth-colored hue and taking on a dark shade, may prompt you to seek a replacement.

The most important thing to remember is that you are virtually fully responsible for how long a crown will last on your tooth. Our dentist at All Kids Dentistry will help with the fixing of your crown and guide you on the best practices to optimize its longevity. Call us today to schedule an appointment with them.