Special Care Dentistry

Pre-Appointment Interviews For Special Care Dentistry

One of the key components of ensuring that an oral patient with special needs is successfully treated is providing the dental team with adequate information about the state of the patient.

All the physical or medical conditions, behaviors, allergies, medications, and other items concerning the patient need to be considered before the dental visit to allow the dentist to prepare adequately to build rapport with the patient and make other necessary adjustments to address the unique situation. Such information can be obtained in a pre-appointment interview with the patient or a loved one or even a caregiver.

Standard of care

Providing oral care for patients with special needs generally follows the same standards of practice for any other patient of the same age. Much of the care you would expect in an ordinary dental visit typically still occurs. But the patient may require more frequent visits, some additional personal attention, or some adjustments to the equipment or procedures.

As such, most dentists are able to adjust standard procedures around the special needs of a patient. However, you may choose to visit a special needs dental practice, where the dentists specialize in addressing the unique needs of these patients and are adequately prepared for the shortcomings of attending to these patients.

What happens in the pre-appointment interview?

A pre-appointment interview allows the dental team to find out how the specific disability affects the individual patient’s ability to cooperate with oral care.

We will perform a full medical history review since many disorders and medications have a direct impact on the development of teeth and oral tissues. Some patients who may require special consideration for dental treatment include people with autism, Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other illnesses and conditions that complicate standard procedures and make them challenging.

Custom Treatment Plans Around your Special Needs

We realize that each patient with special needs is unique, and always strive to make our practice as warm as possible. Please visit All Kids Dentistry in Valencia, 91355 to check out our practice and get your questions answered, or call us at 661-349-8636 to find out more about our pre-appointment interviews,