Crown Procedure For Kids

These 4 Steps Perfectly Sum Up The Crown Procedure For Kids

If your child suffers cavities that eat deep into the tooth structure, they may require more than just a simple filling to fix the problem. A more workable idea would be the use of a tooth-colored crown, which not only restores the tooth’s structure and usefulness but also gives your child a natural look and smile, which is important to their self-esteem.

Tooth Colored crowns for kids typically require two dental visits. We have expounded them below to give you a better idea of what to expect for your child.

Step 1 – Tooth preparation

Once you and the dentist agree that a crown would be the right treatment for the child, the damaged tooth will be prepared for the treatment. Basically, the dentist will shape it to create a surface onto which the crown will be mounted to fit perfectly.

Step 2 – Taking of impressions

Your dentist will take impressions of the prepared tooth using dental putty or a digital scanner. The impressions will be sent to a lab where the crown will be fabricated.

Also, this being a tooth-colored crown, the dentist will have to select a shade that matches the adjacent teeth.

Step 3 – Fitting of a temporary crown

Since your child has to wait a few days for the crown at the lab to be finished, a temporary crown will be fixed to cover and protect the shaped tooth.

Step 4 – Fitting the permanent crown

On the second appointment, the permanent crown will be fitted. A local anesthetic will be used to numb the tooth and the gum tissue around it for a comfortable and pain-free procedure.

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