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These 5 Stages Explain What To Expect From A Special Needs Dentist

If you have a special needs patient that requires the attention of a dentist, it’s wise that you entrust their care on someone that has the extra training to do it. Special needs dentistry is a subspecialty of dentistry that deals with dental patients with special needs.

We have broken down a typical appointment with a special needs dentist into these 6 basic stages:

Stage #1 – Examination

Upon arrival and completion of the consultation appointment, your patient will be guided to a separate room for a physical exam.

Stage #2 – Anesthesia administration

An anesthesia resident will conduct an evaluation, collect information about the patient and explain the risks associated with the anesthesia before administering it. Any questions about the anesthetic will be answered during this stage.

Stage #3 – Creation of a treatment plan

Depending on the problem in question, the patient will be taken through further examinations including x-ray scans to help the dentist prepare a treatment plan.

Stage #4 – The procedure

Treatment will commence once the treatment plan is complete. It is important that this part of the procedure goes quickly to ensure the patient doesn’t stay under anesthesia for too long.

Stage #5 – Recovery and discharge

The patient will be taken to a recovery room to allow the anesthetic to wear down. You will be allowed home after the effect has completely receded. The caregiver will be given a manual on post-operative care.

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