tooth colored crowns

Tooth Colored Crown for Kids in Valencia

A dental filling is often a common solution used to correct a cavity that is affecting the tooth structure. However, to fully restore your child’s tooth, a tooth-colored dental crown may be the best way to restore the tooth’s shape and functioning. 

How It Is Done 

Once it is agreed that a tooth-colored crown is the best procedure for your child, it may take two visits to get it done. However, here are the different steps involved in the procedure:

  • Preparation of the tooth

This involves shaping the damaged tooth to accommodate the crown. Depending on the nature of the decay damage, a filling may be necessary to support the crown.

  • Impression 

After preparing the tooth for the colored crown, our experienced dentist will take an impression of the prepared tooth. This can be done with a dental putty or a digital scanner. The impression will then be sent to a dental lab, where the crown will be fabricated. At this point, dentists choose the right shade that matches the adjacent teeth for uniformity.

  • Temporary crown 

Ideally, the first appointment will end after the tooth has been prepared and the impression taken and sent to the lab for fabrication. Most dentists will insist on fixing a temporary crown until the next appointment when the new colored crown is ready. 

  • Fitting 

The next appointment will be scheduled when the new tooth colored crown is available. In many instances, the dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the tooth and the gum tissue around it to make the fitting of the permanent crown as pain-free as possible. 

Taking Care of Tooth Colored Crown 

Your child’s new crown does not require any special care – the regular oral hygiene routine should be maintained. Remember that these artificial crowns are not immune to tooth decay and other diseases, so proper oral hygiene must be maintained. 

For the best tooth colored crown for kids in Valencia, All Kids Dentistry is the best place to bring your child. Call in today and rest assured that Dr. Laura Greenwald will offer the best treatment for your child.