Can My Child's Cavities Be Treated With Laser Dentistry?

Lasers are special devices that emit a narrow and intense beam of light. They have been used in surgical contexts for years, but now you may find them at the dentist’s office as well.

Laser dentistry isn’t widespread yet, but some practices, like All Kids Dentistry, already offer it. They can also be used in pediatric dentistry to shape or remove soft or hard tissue. And sometimes, they can be used to treat cavities.

Check out this short blog post to understand how laser dentistry works and how it can treat cavities.

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

Lasers provide a controlled light that can eliminate or shape various types of tissues in the mouth. As a result, these special devices can be used to treat:

  • Gum disease
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth discoloration 

Laser dentistry provides a no-drill alternative to many types of traditional dental procedures. They can be very popular when treating children because they are less scary. Lasers don’t vibrate or emit the loud noise that drills do.

The entire process is much more comfortable for the patient while still being as effective as classic dental treatments.

How Do Lasers Treat Cavities?

Lasers may provide a painless way to treat a cavity. Dentists can use them to remove decayed tissue from the tooth with enhanced precision.

Because of this, there is a lower risk of removing a healthy tooth in the process, like in the case of a drill. Even for experienced dentists, a drill is much more difficult to wield, and some healthy tissue can be lost while treating a cavity.

The dentist holds the laser and carefully shines the light over all the parts of the tooth that are decayed. The process is much faster and often doesn’t require even a local anesthetic.

What Laser Dentistry Cannot Do for Patients with Cavities

Laser dentistry is not without its limitations, of course. There are cases when the light cannot effectively access the cavity, and as a result, drilling might still be necessary. This is often the case with cavities that form between two teeth.

These tools might also not be appropriate when the patient has had previous dental work. For instance, if a cavity is too close to an old pediatric cavity filling, the dentist may opt for the drill in order to avoid disturbing the filling with the laser.

Laser dentistry can replace the drill under specific circumstances. If you want to know if these tools can be used to treat your child’s cavity, the best way to find out is to see Dr. Laura Greenwald for an appointment.

How All Kids Dentistry Can Help

Valencia pediatric dentist, Dr. Laura Greenwald, is here to make sure your little one’s smile is perfectly happy and healthy with expert and modern oral health treatments that provide great results and comfort.

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