Is My Child a Candidate for Tongue-Tie or Lip-Tie Treatment? | Valencia CA

Some children are born with what is known as tongue-tie or lip-tie where their tongue is tightly connected to the bottom of the mouth.  This connection restricts their movement and often causes feeding issues.  Fortunately, there is a simple procedure called frenectomy or frenotomy. This procedure involves releasing the frenum under the upper lip or tongue to increase the range of motion.  It is essential to understand the signs of possible restriction to know if the procedure may be best for your child.

Tongue-tie or Lip-tie in Infants

Parents who have trouble breastfeeding babies with a tongue-tie or lip-tie should consider getting frenectomy for babies. This simple and fast procedure gently removes the tight frenum that is causing the problem, using a high-tech dental laser. The procedure is safe and gentle enough for one-day-old babies.

Tongue-tie or Lip-tie in Children or Adults

For kids and adults, tongue-tie and lip-tie can result in underlying problems such as jaw-joint pain, trouble swallowing, sleep apnea, gum recession, and speed impediments. The problem can also push dentures out of place and destabilize them in adults. Laser treatment can improve the patient’s appetite, boost their self-confidence, and make it more comfortable to eat and swallow.

During the consultation, the dentist will examine your child’s mouth to determine if tongue or lip tie is present.  For the procedure, our dental specialist will expertly release a tongue- or lip-tie for infants, children, or adults using a minimally invasive laser technique that is both comfortable and fast-healing.  After treatment, many babies are able to breastfeed with ease and most children have less trouble speaking or eating.

By consulting with your dental specialist, you can determine if frenectomy or frenotomy is best for your child.  To learn more about tongue-tie and lip-tie treatment, contact your dentist in Valencia, CA to schedule a consultation.