digital xrays

Digital Cavity Detecting X-Rays in Valencia CA

At All Kids Dentistry, we focus on the best ways to give your child the best dental care. That is exactly why we use advanced technology to take digital x-rays of your child’s mouth when there is a need for that. 

After several years of practice, we are always in-tune with technological advancements in kid dentistry. We are also fast at adopting advanced technology to ensure that we deliver the best, safest, and most pleasant experience for you and your little ones. 

We have the best technology for digital cavity detecting x-rays in Valencia and surrounding areas. Such x-rays are important to detect changes in your child’s mouth that cannot be seen in a visual exam. 

Why Your Child Needs Digital Cavity Detecting X-Rays 

The first major benefit of our digital cavity detecting x-rays is that they help us to properly evaluate your child’s mouth and teeth for any issue that needs to be addressed. This will help us intervene quickly to ensure that your child maintains optimum dental and oral health. 

Benefits of Our Digital Cavity Detecting X-Rays in Valencia 

One of the major reasons you should choose All Kids Dentistry for your child’s cavity detecting x-rays is that we use the most recent digital technology. Our advanced system improves the safety, speed, and comfort of the entire process. The specific benefits include: 

  • Exposure to radiation is significantly reduced by 80 – 90%!
  • No need for the awkward biting down on plastic cases as a wireless sensor in the mouth replaces that. 
  • There is no waiting for film to develop as the images are available in seconds. This helps to make your visits shorter. 
  • The images can be enhanced easily, allowing our experienced dentist to see the fine details and diagnose accurately and early enough. 

Through our digital x-rays at All Kids Dentistry, we provide the safest and most pleasant dental experience for you and your child. Book your appointment with confidence.