fluoride treatment

Is dentist fluoride treatment necessary?

Fluoride treatment has been a thing since early in the 20th century when researchers discovered that there were 66 percent fewer cavities in populations that drank fluoridated water than those that didn’t. Since children are more likely to develop cavities due to poor oral hygiene, parents are advised to use fluoridated toothpaste on their children and consider taking them to pediatric dental clinics for occasional fluoride treatments.

With that, you could be pardoned for thinking many parents give their children fluoride treatments, let alone getting them fluoridated toothpaste! The treatment is not really that popular due to the possibility of permanent staining on teeth and the emergence of white specks if overdosed.

While those are legitimate prospects, they do not outweigh the myriad of benefits that come with fluoride treatments. This is especially true if you let a qualified dentist handle the administration of the treatment.

How does fluoride work?

Fluoride works by making up for lost minerals on the surfaces of your child’s teeth. It also helps inhibit thriving of harmful bacteria by depriving them of breeding ground, hence further preventing cavities.

The treatment may not restore the structure of a decay-damaged tooth but it can prevent the decay from causing further damage.

The earlier you introduce your child to fluoride treatments, the more unlikely they are to develop cavities. A recent study shows that fluoride treatments reduce the likelihood of developing cavities by a whopping 43% if used for just one year.

The most important thing as regards fluoride treatment is to ensure there is a qualified dentist at the center of it. Get in touch with our dentist at All Kids Dentistry to determine the best course of action for your child’s oral care needs. Also, ensure you schedule semi-annual dental cleaning appointments to keep cavities and other oral complications at bay.