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Kids Orthodontics in Valencia CA

Having healthy teeth and gums is important for your teeth’s overall health. For your kids orthodontics, All Kids Dentistry is the ideal dental practice to turn to. We specialize in providing excellent and compassionate children’s dental care. Our orthodontics specialists can help diagnose, prevent, and correct mal-positioned or wrongly positioned teeth and jaws.

Why You Need Kids Orthodontics Treatment

When their teeth are misaligned, they can affect the smile of your child. Furthermore, the misaligned arrangement of the teeth can affect the functionalities of your child’s teeth.

It is highly recommended to get your child an orthodontics appointment at around the age of 7. The orthodontists can predict structural changes at this point. This early visit will help them sign braces that will prevent these unwanted changes.

However, when these misaligned arrangements occur, the teeth are strengthened with the aid of devices or tools known as orthodontics. These tools are used by specialized dentists known as orthodontists.  Orthodontics not only enhances the smile of the teeth but also improves their functionality as well.

Types of Kids Orthodontics

Orthodontists make use of several tools in correcting your child’s peculiar dental problems. These orthodontic tools include:

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are orthodontic tools used in dentistry. They consist of metal brackets and wires. The metal brackets are attached to the teeth and fastened with the wire. They are non-removable. When metal braces are attached, they maintain position except when they need to be routinely cleaned or adjusted.


This orthodontic device is designed specifically for kids and teenagers. This orthodontic tool helps children who prefer not to use traditional metal braces or feel insecure about having their schoolmates see them with the prominent traditional metal braces. 

Invisalign is more subtle. It is used to correct teeth defects, just like the traditional metal braces. Some of the perks of this orthodontic tool are it is removable and is unnoticeable by onlookers. 

Our experienced specialists are well equipped to properly design orthodontic tools that fit the needs of your child.

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Correcting misaligned arrangement of the teeth can improve the functionalities of your child’s teeth. Schedule an appointment with us at All Kids Dentistry to get compassionate orthodontics treatment for your child. We are committed to helping your child resolve their dental issues effectively.