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Questions to Ask Your Infant Dentist in Valencia CA

Ensuring your infant has proper dental hygiene is just as essential as your own dental care.  From the time the first tooth erupts and throughout their life, your child will need to understand the advantages of visiting the dentist for routine exams and cleanings.  This is why it is imperative to schedule your visit with an infant dentist in Valencia CA.  If you are hesitant to schedule your visit, there are a few questions you can consider to help set your mind at ease, including:

When should I schedule my child’s visit to the infant dentist?

The earlier you introduce your child to the dentist, the more comfortable they’ll be. Both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Dental Association (ADA) agree that a baby should see the dentist after the appearance of the first tooth. They also agree that a dental visit should be scheduled right after your child turns age 1.

How can an infant dentist help me care for my child’s baby teeth?

Proper care of your child’s primary (baby) teeth is crucial. These teeth allow your child to develop various oral functions properly, including speech and chewing, help him/her develop a beautiful smile, and hold the space for the permanent teeth to grow in.

What are some advantages of properly caring for my child’s teeth?

Some reasons to take care of your child’s primary teeth include:

  • They help in speech development
  • They promote healthy nutrition by aiding in chewing food properly
  • They facilitate the proper development of permanent teeth – infected baby teeth increase the risk of pits, stains, and weak adult teeth
  • They reduce the risk of expensive orthodontic treatment later on – decay or early removal of baby teeth can cause adjacent teeth to shift, limiting the space for the permanent tooth to set in and increasing the possibility of crowded or misaligned teeth.
  • There’s lower risk for early childhood tooth decay, which refers to tooth decay in baby teeth due to poor dental hygiene, frequent intake of sugary or sticky foods/snacks, and the constant use of a sippy cup or baby bottle when feeding sugary beverages.

How can I keep my child’s mouth healthy?

Cleaning your child’s teeth and gums properly and visiting your pediatric dentist in Valencia, CA regularly is the easiest way to keep his/her mouth healthy.  By scheduling your infant dental visit, your pediatric dentist can help you understand the importance of beginning proper oral care early and how to help your child establish healthy dental habits.