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Simple Extractions in Valencia CA

Before performing the tooth extraction procedure, our dental experts will evaluate all other options. However, in rare situations, there may be the need to extract a tooth to maintain the health of the child’s other remaining teeth. Our dentists will also help determine the right tooth replacement option to keep both the child’s teeth and jaw from shifting or creating difficulties with chewing and overall dental health.

Reasons for Simple Extractions in Childhood 

At All Kids Dentistry, we don’t rush the decision to extract a tooth. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Laura Greenwald, will only arrive at the decision after evaluating all options. Simple extractions in children are mostly recommended for the following reasons: 

  • A tooth has been damaged by decay or severe trauma 
  • There is a serious problem with long and misshapen roots 
  • There is an interference with the growth of a permanent tooth. 

It is important to reiterate that extraction is only recommended when it is confirmed to be the only way to preserve the health of the remaining teeth and promote oral health. 

Benefits of Simple Extractions 

Simple tooth extraction in children will offer several benefits immediately and in the long run. Here are the major benefits to expect from a simple extraction:

  • Preservation of other teeth and promotion of good oral health 
  • Relieve of pain and other symptoms of decay and severe trauma 
  • Healthy growth of permanent teeth and improved alignment. 

What to Expect During Simple Extractions 

After determining that extraction is necessary, our dentist will discuss the treatment with you. Depending on the specific nature of the problem, we may recommend replacing the extracted teeth with a space maintainer to promote healing and prevent problems with chewing and dental health. 

At All Kids Dentistry, we have performed so many simple extractions, and they are all successful. We will administer local anesthesia and use other necessary measures to ensure that your child is comfortable throughout the procedure. The mouth will heal in just a few days, and your little one will enjoy optimum oral health afterward.

To find out about simple extraction in Valencia CA, schedule your consultation with your pediatric dentist in today!