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What to Expect with Toddler Dentistry in Valencia CA

Your child’s firsts are often filled with great expectations and some anxiety.  This is often true with their first visit to the dentist.  Many parents prefer toddler dentistry in order to give their child the most positive dental experience possible. A toddler dentist specializes in providing optimal dental care to the youngest members of your family. Your dental team will be equipped to encourage your child through any fears or keep their excitement up during their visit.

Your Toddler’s First Dental Visit

A child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist is usually brief and informal. Your toddler will get to know the dentist during your appointment and get used to the office settings. Depending on your little one’s comfort and age, the dentist may perform a short exam.  Your dentist will look for signs of gum, teeth and jaw problems such as gum disease, bad bites and decays.

In addition, your pediatric dentist will want to know about your child’s eating habits and the dental hygiene routine you have introduced them to. You may be asked to adjust your routine if necessary and advised on better hygiene methods. You will also be given a chance to ask questions about diets, habits such as thumb-sucking and any other thing that concerns your child’s oral health.

It is best to understand that your child’s dentist has the best in mind when it comes to your toddler’s oral health.  Keeping your toddler’s primary teeth healthy now will encourage them to have a healthy smile in the future once their permanent teeth have grown in.  Overall, toddler dentistry is about giving your child the best dental care to encourage proper dental hygiene and create a positive attitude about visiting the dentist.

To learn more about what to expect at your pediatric dentist in Valencia CA, schedule your appointment today!